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E-LITERATURE IN E-PUBLISHING, (ed. by Paola Carbone) Mimesis, Milano 2002

It is widely acknowledged that digital communication has deeply influenced the way art is made and transmitted. E-literature refers to both traditional, linear digitized literary texts and to "ergodic forms of writing", that is to say texts designed to be multilinear, multimedia, disparate, dynamic, interactive and/or interlinked.
This book considers the dynamics of electronic hypertextual writing from the double perspective of the artist and the critic. Cultural contexts and cognitive models as well as the creation of an alert academic audience are discussed together with the commitment of the "humanist" and the leading role of the publishing world.
This book contains essays by Bob Arellano, Paola Carbone, Shelley Jackson, Michael Joyce, Paolo Ferri, Patrizia Nerozzi Bellman, Massimo Riva, Susana Tosca Pajares, Tim Parks, and Leonardo Terzo.



Paola Carbone, eLiterature in ePublishing: No Sacred Wood to Fight for
Michael Joyce, Paris Again or Prague: Who Will Save Lit from Com?
Michael Joyce, Not Your Average Fool: The Humanist on the Internet
Shelley Jackson, Toymaker
Shelley Jackson, Musée Mecanique
Massimo Riva, The Arrows of the Mind: Calvino, Arakawa and the Hyper-Novel
Robert Arellano, Sunshine '69
Tim Parks, Hypertext and Narrative
Susana Tosca Pajares, Brave nEw Book: how to recognize electronic literature when you see it
Paolo Ferri, The Narration of Hypertext and Hypermedia. Notes on the problem of mimesis in the digital era
Leonardo Terzo, Teaching Literature and New Technologies
Patrizia Nerozzi, Why Tristram Shandy