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Edgar Allan Poe, The Black Cat, word - pdf


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Locative Narratives




to shape a reality and to connect people/readership with it



Storytelling >>> "parlare attraverso storie" e non "raccontare storie"

creare universi narrativi coerenti, nonché emotivamente e intellettualmente coinvolgenti




from linear narration to a non-linear storytelling


what is happening vs. how and why it happens


Camille Utterback & Romy Achituv - Text Rain, 1999



computational processes, multimodal interfaces, network access, localtive narratives, augmented reality

digital-born writing and electronic literature



Considerations on :

1. presentation
2. collective writing
3. multimediality
4. remix
5. generative writing




Electronic Literature Organization’s definition of electronic literature says “works with important literary aspects that take advantage of the capabilities and contexts provided by the stand-alone or networked computer.”

Lori Emerson: e-literature is “what did not exist until the founding of the Electronic Literature Organization in 1999. [... It] is a name, a concept, even a brand with which a remarkably diverse range of digital writing practices could identify (...).”

"an emerging cultural form" (Tabbi 2007)



electronic vs digital literature



digital literature “ is simply media distributed and /or experienced using a computer, rather than digital media".


machine language = an interface between hardware and text, which we can extend to include operating systems, applications and a variety of software widely shared all over the world to allow global communication; secondly, a

verbal language = cooperates with equally shared multimedia and multimodal languages of communication


Medieval helpdesk



the content, the design and the delivery



First generation: 1987-1995 Hyperfiction - mainly USA; Storyspace and Eastgate Systems; Joyce, Bolter and Bernstein +France: generative poetry by Balpe and animated poetry by Papp

Second Generation, or web 1.0 (1995-2004): multimodal opportunities offered by the web

Third Generation or web 2.0 or cybernetic literature (2004 – oggi): social network, app for mobile devices, virtual reality, augmented reality




Main features:

• data
• process
• interaction
• surface
• context


process-intensive-program vs data-intensive-program




ELO Electronic Literature Collection 1 --- 2 ---- 3

ELMCIP Knowledge Base for Electronic Literature

Eastgate’s hypertext fictions