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"It is not often that anyone entering a great city for the first time has the luck to
witness such an incident as engaged Shelley’s attention when he drove into
Naples. A youth ran out of a shop pursued by a man armed with a knife. The
man overtook him and with one blow in the neck laid him dead on the road.
Shelley had a tender heart. He didn’t look upon it as a bit of local colour; he was
seized with horror and indignation. But when he expressed his emotions to a
Calabrian priest who was travelling with him, a fellow of gigantic strength and
stature, the priest laughed heartily and attempted to quiz him. Shelley says he
never felt such an inclination to beat anyone." From A Man From Glasgow


It was nearly bed–time and when they awoke next morning land would be in
sight. Dr Macphail lit his pipe and, leaning over the rail, searched the heavens
for the Southern Cross. After two years at the front and a wound that had
taken longer to heal than it should, he was glad to settle down quietly at Apia
for twelve months at least, and he felt already better for the journey. Since some
of the passengers were leaving the ship next day at Pago–Pago they had had a
little dance that evening and in his ears hammered still the harsh notes of the
mechanical piano. But the deck was quiet at last. A little way off he saw his wife
in a long chair talking with the Davidsons, and he strolled over to her. When he
sat down under the light and took off his hat you saw that he had very red hair,
with a bald patch on the crown, and the red, freckled skin which accompanies
red hair; he was a man of forty, thin, with a pinched face, precise and rather
pedantic; and he spoke with a Scots accent in a very low, quiet voice. From: Rain



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